Danish Class for International Students


Danish Class for International Students is a possiblity for all International Students who have the desire and the will to learn Danish.

Danish Class for International Students is a possiblity for all International Students who have the desire and the will to learn Danish.
At Hadsten Folk High School we have designed a special “Danish Class for International Students”. As part of this class you will have the chance to obtain a good knowledge of the Danish language, society culture and political and democratic system.

A folk high school is a good place to meet the Danes. The folk high school provides a key to understanding the Danish society. In a free and open atmosphere, it presents Denmarks cultural heritage and it affords foreign students an opportunity to meet “ordinary Danes”. The course is residential. The students live, eat and sleep at the school for the duration of the course. The school is not a specialized school. All students, also the international students, participate in all activities and everyday life such as meals, classes, morning assemblies etc.

These subjects will be compulsory:

•  Danish for International Students

In addition to these subjects you can choose from a wide range of classes: Run & Fitness, Volleyball, Dancing, Ball games, Lifesaving, Marathon, Sports & Teambuilding, Choir, Guitar for everybody, Rock band, Painting, Drawing, Ceramics, Photography etc.
A student trip to Berlin and Spindl in the Czech Republic is part of the autumn course 2019.
It is essential, that you are interested in political, social and cultural matters and that you participate in the discussions in class.

The duration of the course:

You attend the folk high school for 18 weeks from August 16th to December 19th 2020.
Scholarships available
There will be 8 scholarships to apply for in the autumn semester 2018 (18 weeks from August 16th to December 19th).
If you get a scholarship the price for attending the school will be set individually – please see the conditions below. However, with a scholarship the price will be € 65 each week at the maximum + payment for materials, but we are able to take your financial situation into account and lower the price considerably.

How to get a scholarship:

•  You must be a student – studying Danish (or Norwegian or Swedish) and at least 18 years old, when you start at Hadsten Folk High School.
•  You must have both the desire and the will to learn Danish, because this is the language of everyday life at the school – and the language in which most subjects are taught.
•  You must send an application and a motivation letter written in Danish to the school. In order to set your school fees you must send your latest yearly statement from the national tax authority and an accumulated inventory for the present year. In your motivation letter you may describe your financial situation. We will take the general economic and financial situation in your home country into account when we set your school fees.

Without a scholarship the school fees are dkk. 1510 (€ 202 each week + payment for student trip and payment for materials).


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“Jeg har lært, hvordan man kommunikerer med danskere.”
– Miso Cho


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